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60 MINUTES for IMPACT® Workshops provide:


IMPACT60 Learning Systems® provides a new approach to workplace learning and development in the 21st century.  The revolutionary 60 MINUTES for IMPACT corporate training workshop platform, geared for managers, executive leadership, sales and customer service personnel, is a faster, better, and more cost effective way to train in today’s fast paced, ever changing and highly demanding knowledge-driven economy.

It helps to minimize, if not eliminate, the negative impact of the seven problems inherent in traditional 20th century training programs’ platforms. The workshops are…Concisely Timed…Highly Focused…Participant-Centric…Immediately Applicable…Results Based…Uniquely Flexible…and …Radically Priced.

Each 60 MINUTES for IMPACT workshop is constructed to meet the tenants described by featuring:

  1. Having a Blended Design:
    Outcomes Today’s suggestion is to implement a blended solution.  All of the technological means of delivering training content are just that, delivery modalities.  We must also include a modified ILT into this mix if we want to provide the application aspect of specific job skills.
  2. Allow for “Distributed” Learning:
    Ok. Now let’s challenge conventional wisdom in addressing the actual delivery of our ILT.  Rather than the traditional brick & mortar based classroom approach, think distributed.  Many of the inherent problems of traditional ILT can be linked to the delivery platform of the classroom – day long/multi day events, information load, logistics, certified trainers, etc.
    With our “Distributed Learning Strategy”, you have a way—regarding the skills we develop—1) to harness the power of informal learning by putting a semi-formal structure around it,  while 2) employing a useful conduit to transfer knowledge from your most senior-tenured [and skilled] professionals prior to the waves of mass retirements projected to take place between now and 2020.
  3. Feature Engaging  Content
    All workshops consists of four components that collectively address and meet the challenge of learning in the 21st century workplace:

    1. The Facilitator’s Guide and Program Instructions Manual
    2. An accompanying PowerPoint Slide Presentation
    3. A Supervisor’s Coaching Guide – Inclusive of the Level-3 Evaluation
    4. The Participant’s Workbook

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