The Impact

The impact of the 7 Problems:tab1_image

Well acknowledged is the precept that live, behavior based simulations and engaging activity based practical application exercises are best suited to reinforce learning.  Unfortunately, many current approaches lack the capability of interaction and engagement necessary to fully benefit this precept.  While the recent application of eLearning and mobile learning initiatives has numerous benefits in resolving the inherent problems we face, we must ask ourselves if these modalities are fully meeting the expectations of providing the needed impact to positively influence on-the-job behaviors.  In essence we have “Thrown the baby out with the bath water”.

At Outcomes Today® we contend that as a L&D community we do an excellent job of delivering vast amounts of knowledge.  However, what we must ask ourselves is,  does this technological revolution we’ve embarked upon provide the application skills needed to adequately impact on-the-job performance?

In an ideal world what can provide this level of expectation is a “distributed learning” solution.  In this context, distributed learning relates to the appropriate mix of distance, mobile, and live instructor led training which is engaging and application based.

The concepts incorporated in the 60 MINUTES for IMPACT® series works effectively as an extension of, or complement to, your technology-based  initiatives to ensure enhanced on-the-job performance.

Read Bobby Butler’s latest article, “”Throwing the Baby Out with the Bath Water: Should instructor-led training be tossed?” using the link on the right.

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