The Challenge of ILT

IMPACT60 203241_logo_final - JPEGTake a look at the role instructor-led training (ILT) plays in your organization: does it resemble the “walking dead”?  In the current technology age much of our training initiatives have evolved to numerous mobile and/or web based platforms while deemphasizing the role ILT plays.  This makes perfect sense. 

Inherently, instructor led training has significant pitfalls which are  driving the exodus to the technology based programs. 

Among the most significant, and detrimental on your organization, are:

Reducing Employee Productivity through:

    • Time away from the job
    • Information overload
    • Formal and passive deliveries
    • Limited Transferability of skills

Limitations on Organizational Productivity:

    • Measuring the impact
    • Logistical in-flexibilities
    • Cost-inefficiencies

Read more about the challenges by reading IMPACT60 Learning Systems® CEO Bobby Butler’s outstanding white paper – “Three Threats Facing Business Leaders in the Knowledge Economy”. (See box at right)

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