SAVE MONEY on instruction costs when you invest in 60 MINUTES for IMPACT® workshops

A key tenant of the 60 MINUTES for IMPACT revolutionary workshops’ design is that each workshop contains all the facilitation and participant materials needed for you to conduct the training through your own in-house resources. Use your own professional trainers, supervisory, management and/or senior leadership personnel, subject matter experts, etc., to conduct the training and save on the cost of external instructors.

Buy Each Workshop According to Your Needs and Budget

You determine what workshop or workshops to buy and how to configure each according your training needs and budget. All workshops consist of four (4) components that, collectively, make up each workshop’s entire content.

  •  The Facilitator’s Guide and Program Instructions Manual – Each instructor will need a manual to guide their implementation & conduct of any given workshop.
  • An Accompanying PowerPoint Slide Presentation – One CD per instructor is recommended.
  • The Participant’s Workbook – Each participant must have his or her own workbook.
  • The Supervisor’s Coaching Guide – one guide per coach/participant is recommended.


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Need to Train Less Than 50 People? 
Workshops at Price Points Tailored for Small Business

We understand that smaller organizations, while having the need to develop their people, cannot easily afford to train on a sustained basis because of budgetary constraints. Now, you can address this dilemma by buying the revolutionary 60 MINUTES for IMPACT workshops online.

These are not pared down workshops. Rather, they are the same first quality corporate training programs used by large organizations to train hundreds to thousands of people.

Regardless of your organization’s size, your training budget, or the pool of people needing training, the IMPACT60 Learning Systems® online store provides you access to an innovative 21st century training and development platform at price points tailored for customers—whether business, government or non-profit organizations—who have the need to train less than 50 people in any one year.

Direct Purchase (via web store only)

  • Pricing offered ONLY on IMPACT60 Website via their on-line store
  • Pricing suited for small businesses having  50 or fewer learners per year
  • Price structure reflects a radical departure from traditional pricing for custom learning modules, providing customers complete flexibility in meeting their training needs.
    • Purchase only the materials you need
    • Low per learner costs: Example – 50 learners with full materials equates to as low as $69
    • Facilitated by your staff thus driving training costs down even more
  • Discounts available (see details in the on-line store)
    1. First time customers eligible for a 50% discount on their 1st workshop purchase
    2. “Bundled Purchase Discount” – Web store offers bundled workshop packages
    3. Buy 3 Workshops Get 1 FREE  – buy 6 > get 2 free; buy 9 > get 3 free
    4. “Featured” workshop titles at 33% discount
  • Price includes materials (hard copy guides & workbooks, Power Point on CD) for items purchased & will be shipped to customer by IMPACT60 Learning Systems, LLC
  • Train the Trainer & full facilitation services available for extra cost
  • Outcomes Today exclusive – Up to 2 hours of consultation by Bob Heller at no charge to assist in your implementation

Materials provided are ©2010 by IMPACT60 Learning Systems, LLC  All rights reserved.  Except as specifically allowed herein, no part of these documents may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, scanning, recording, or otherwise, without written permission of IMPACT60 Learning Systems, LLC

Need to Train 50 or More People? 
Purchase an Annual License for Our Workshops to Train Faster, Better and More Cost Effectively

Your training needs to adapt to today’s workplace environment. With that in mind, IMPACT60 Learning Systems chose to build a comprehensive, instructor-guided solution by simplifying the approach to training, how that training is delivered, and what tools are used — in preparation, during classes, and after training has been completed. Moreover, content and facilitation is simplified by distilling skills taught into learn-able behaviors and/or actions that participants can implement immediately upon returning to their jobs.

Giving YOU the Power to SAVE in a Number of Ways

In addition to their unique design, a radical & flexible pricing strategy was devised to apply your training budget in a number of economical ways. Whether yours is a mid-sized or larger business, government or non-profit organization, needing to train 50, 100, 500 or even 1000 or more people in a given year, our annual licensing program is the most cost effective way to utilize our workshops. 60 MINUTES for IMPACT workshops feature:

  • Pricing structure suited for large volume users having more than 50 learners (per topic) to train in a given year.
  • License workshops a la carte or in sets for a fixed annual fee for up to 100 people.
  • Receive Purchase Volume Discounts when licensing multiple workshops in sets and Large User Discounts when licensing workshops to train more than 100 people per year.
    • Large User Discount:  Individual learner license fee discounts apply ranging from 10% (101-250 learners) to 65% ( more than 10000 learners)
    • Purchase Volume Discount:  when licensing workshops in sets of twelve, pay for ten, a 16.7% discount.
  • Three distinct licensing options:  (contact Outcomes Today for terms & conditions)
    • Annual License – Client is licensed to use for the contracted number of learners for one year
    • Recurring Annual License – Have a hedge against any future price increases!  The Annual Recurring License fee is fixed  at time of purchase and renewed annually at that price.
    • Lifetime Use License – Lifetime License allows for an unlimited number of people to be trained for an unlimited period of time.
  • Materials are provided in electronic format. Client is responsible for production of workshop materials as needed to meet their individual need.
  • Optionally,  printed materials can be supplied for printing & shipping costs plus 10% administrative fee.
  • A radical departure from traditional pricing for custom learning modules, providing customers complete flexibility in meeting their training needs.
    • Per learner costs of $35/learner or less (for 100 learners/yr & higher)
    • Facilitated by your staff thus driving training costs even more
    • Includes content  updates:  when/if content for individual workshops are updated clients are provided those updates
  • Train the Trainer & full facilitation services available for extra cost
  • Outcomes Today exclusive – Up to 2 hours of consultation by Bob Heller at no charge to assist in your implementation

 Contact Outcomes Today for terms & conditions

All materials are subject to IMPACT60 Learning Systems®, LLC copyrights ( ©2010).  Except as allowed per license agreement no part of the provided materials may be reproduced, stored on a retrieval system, transmitted in any form, or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopied, scanned, recorded, or otherwise without the written permission of IMPACT60 Learning Systems, LLC.

Need A Customized Solution?

Don’t see the topic you’re looking for?  Want to have workshop scenarios and activities customized to your business?  Want to break down your existing day long program to bite sized chunks?

Outcomes Today®, LLC can take on any of these tasks, and then some.  Applying our innovative design approach we can help you develop customized solutions using the 60 Minutes for IMPACT workshops, or using existing/additional content of your choosing.

Contact Outcomes Today for terms & conditions – your initial consultation is always free!

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