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After over thirty years in sales management and learning and development leadership, Bob Heller established Outcomes Today® in May 2008. Our primary business focus is to provide consultation for the custom design of coordinated and integrated training curricula and programs.  We maintain consultative relationships with numerous training and development partners providing a wide variety of specialized and customizable solutions to your training needs, while allowing our primary focus to be on the strategic solutions to your organization’s Learning & development needs.

This unique business structure allows us to focus attention on ensuring our clients attain training outcomes structured to achieve their business strategies and objectives.  While we offer pre-constructed learning activities (60Minutes for Impact Workshops) as an advisory consultancy we specialize in adapting all of our offerings specifically to your individual needs.   We can thus maintain the objectivity and flexibility to coordinate the entire design process, reducing out of scope charges, involving all key stakeholders in the design process, and provide a more collaborative approach to achieving your optimal outcomes.

While Mr Heller is the founder and CEO of Outcomes Today, LLC he is aided by:

President, Mary Heller, M Ed, provides consultative services in instructional design, program facilitation, and program development.

Vice President, Linda Fortney, BA, a trained systems specialist, provides consultative services in program development and project management.

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